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on2016-01-28 13:08:32
ASEM successfully entered the strategic alliance of technology innovation for IC materials industry

In January 27, 2016, the three time of the second session of the integrated circuit materials industry technology innovation strategy alliance (hereinafter referred to as "material alliance") was held in Wuhan. The Council summed up the work of the materials alliance of 2015, and discussed the work arrangements for 2016. The meeting was chaired by Secretary General Shi Ying. The Deputy general manager of Wuhan Xinxin Chen Peide and vice general manager Li Ping were invited to attend the Council, and more than 60 members of the league members represented the meeting. The Council fully affirmed the material alliance in 2015 to promote industrial supply and demand cooperation, promote cooperation and industrial integration of member units, organize industry and academic exchange activities, Support 02 special projects and other related government and industry work,Completed the 2014 industry operation data collection and analysis, as well as the material alliance itself construction has achieved remarkable results.


In 2016,Material alliance will revolve around the promotion of supply and demand cooperation in industrial chain,Promoting the integration of industrial mergers and acquisitions in key areas,Strengthening international cooperation,establishing the early warning and analysis mechanism of intellectual property, promoting the training of talents and the 2016 advanced electronic packaging materials International Conference (APM), Sino Japanese electronic material enterprise exchange,China Conference on integrated circuits materials,International Conference on 2016 planarization technology (ICPT),China Materials Conference (C-MRS) microelectronics and Optoelectronics branch preparations and other side carry out work. At the same time, the alliance member unit Zhongguancun science and technology Leasing Co., Ltd. introduced about the semiconductor equipment finance leasing business. The meeting examined and passed the application of 5 units to join in the Aliance ,such as Kunshan Eisen semiconductor material limited, Jiangxi De Yi semiconductor technology limited, Shanghai strong China Industrial Co., Ltd., Hubei star Polytron Technologies Inc, Tianjin de Gao hua cheng new material Co., Ltd. The delegates launched a heated discussion on the work of the alliance and put forward a variety of ideas and suggestions, such as the proposal to form the alliance fund, promote the product to outward with the image of the alliance,promote the cooperation with the international materials of Japan and North America, promote the construction of the intelligent chemical plant of the material enterprise, and strengthen the linkage with the state and local policies, strengthen the training of talents and so on.


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